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Supervisor - Maintenance

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Supervises a team of mechatronics technicians across multiple shifts.
  • Develops, implements and oversees predictive and preventive maintenance procedures, to include documentation of the programs and communication to appropriate personnel.
  • Reviews predictive and preventive maintenance services; ensures adherence to all standards including timing and quality of work.
  • Improves machine reliability, lowers equipment downtime and reduces cost.
  • Analyzes and diagnoses equipment problems, malfunctions, troubleshooting etc., to expedite and coordinate corrective and preventive procedures and to prevent excessive downtime.
  • Maintains appropriate levels of labor in accordance with skill requirements, work levels and schedules, labor hour and training programs.
  • Maintains conformance with STIHL Inc. employee and safety rules and regulations, issues STIHL Inc. policy violation warnings and administers approved disciplinary measures when necessary.
  • Maintains repair history and provides routine machine evaluation reports.
  • Obtains equipment related quotes and creates purchase requisitions for parts and services for the department.
  • Assists in equipment repairs, rebuild or replacement decisions.
  • Determines equipment spare parts requirements and establishes on-hand spares requirements.
  • Ensures minimal production downtime due to equipment problems, lack of resources, and spare parts.
  • Participates in the supervision of work load distribution, technical employee training, work force level modifications, and analysis of employee capabilities.
  • Coaches the maintenance team to further their skills.
  • Maintains appropriate level of own technical and professional skills by attending training classes, seminars, exhibits, and trade shows as needed.
  • Reviews work methods and recommends procedural or process changes to better accomplish department goals.
  • Responds to procedural problems or technical questions with respect to quality, operations, or other requirements.
  • Assumes additional related responsibilities as needed.

Nearest Major Market: Virginia Beach