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Dryer Room Support

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Receives designated work orders from Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor or follows other oral and computer instructions to ascertain materials needed to meet production requirements. Orders required materials to be transferred to Injection Molding area. May personally transfer PC materials to and from warehouse to production area. Updates lot numbers in BARCO according to work instruction. Obtains material flow from Dryer Room to Injection Molding area. Cleans up and disposes of excess raw material (banding empty Gaylords for recycling). Cleans hoppers in IMM during changeovers and ensures delivery of new material. Inputs all scrap and purge material into SAP and BARCO. Follows all defined safety procedures and uses judgment to ensure safe work methods. Conducts planned maintenance of material handling equipment and monitors equipment for other maintenance needs. Controls inventory on raw material on a monthly basis. All work affecting product quality shall be competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills, and experience. Performs related duties as assigned or needed.

Nearest Major Market: Virginia Beach