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CNC Machinist

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Selects and loads the appropriate program for the work piece being machined. Must read and interpret blueprints or related technical data. Selects, installs, and adjusts the proper tooling and attachments for the program and cycle being run. Inspects the machine and tools for conformance to run specifications and worn or broken parts. Replaces same as required. Loads automatic feeding device; may place and secure work piece manually, depending on the equipment. Begins operations by starting program and machine; monitors screen and machine operations to detect malfunctions. Inspects and measures machined work pieces to verify conformance to close tolerance specifications. Uses various mechanical, hand held and electronic measuring devices and coordinate measuring machines. Presets machine tools using automatic preset tool. Corrects malfunctions or out-of-tolerance conditions by entering commands or changing specifications in the control. These specifications may include changes to guides, feeds, tool, or other performance factors of the machine. Notifies appropriate personnel to document changes made. Replaces worn or broken machine accessories such as cutting tools or abrasives. Changes certain program parameters. Notifies Manufacturing Engineering and other appropriate personnel of changes. Maintains machine through cleaning and minor repairs and adjustments such as oiling, adding coolant, etc. Follows all defined safety procedures and uses judgment to ensure safe work methods. Assumes additional related responsibilities as needed.

Nearest Major Market: Virginia Beach